Last weekend we celebrated Doomsday 2013 in Whitby.  I call it a celebration as the gathering represents to me all that is right about performance magic.  It was an extraordinary weekend; three wonderful days of discussion, lectures and performances. I was asked to take part in a panel on bizarre magick and during the discussion the notion of  ‘Magic as disruption‘ was put forward.  This idea is very exciting and something I’d like to explore further in the coming months.  Perhaps it’s a little project for me after I’ve finished writing up the séance research?  Indecently, I’ll be performing at Doomsday 2014 something that is exciting and terrifying in equal measure.

Sneaton Castle
The Doomsday Bell doth toll

The rest of the week has been spent finalising the 13/14 programme for the Magic Research Group.  Our line-up includes Luke Jermay, Dr. Todd Landman, Ashton Carter, Mick Hanzlik, Stuart Nolan and Nik Taylor. Culminating in June with a Performance Magic Symposium.  Dates will follow along with the obligatory flyer.

This box hides a secret inside ...
This box hides a secret inside …

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the Applied Magic Day Workshop on the 8th of June.  We have a fine mix of attendees!

Exciting times!