I’m facing a multi-dimensional fork in the road and it calls for some deep thinking.  The relative safety of the sabbatical (its ends achieved although in one case pending review) I’m now at a point where I need to work out where to go next with my research.  As always there are external pressures and internal pressures, both well-received and ill-received in equal measure, and I’m trying to navigate my being through them.  Trying to be true to myself while acknowledging that some things simply need to be done.  I need to see through this mist and find a way to return to clear thinking.

Oddly enough I’m living in the middle of an analogy.  At present noise is all around me at Taylor Towers as we are having new windows and doors fitted. It seems a violent, chaotic mess of noise and dust.  Concentration is impossible, but neither is escape; I need to be here to let the builders in, make tea and keep half an eye on the work.  I’d like to get to the deep thinking, but instead, between sawing and bashing, I dip into books and practise a Hammond Count for a Wild Card routine.  I also look forward to the peace again, so I can work.  In the meantime, I navigate.

But will there be peace, as I said there’s a lot of other noise pressing on my choices at the moment, and to borrow from Zodiac Mindwarp, I’m seeking perfect clarity behind the fine frenzy.

I’m hoping that the noise will tune out soon.