The usual three month break from this blog and I’m back again writing something meandering…

So, I’m currently in the strange world known as a ‘sabbatical’ basically eating and drinking magics of many sorts.  It’s always difficult to blog about exactly what it is I’m doing/finding out because there might be muggles reading.  Suffice to say I’m hoping this will out as some kind of performance next year and with any luck the article on Séance I’m also writing will see the light of day soon as well, slow going on that one as there is a lot to say … who knows maybe two articles, but I’m jumping ahead of myself there.

So what else is new?  Well over the past couple of months in no particular order…

  • I’ve taken my first shamanic journey to the Otherworld with another planned quite soon.
  • I’ve listened to a bunch of Druids talk about authenticity, which was all very refreshing. 
  • I was invited to the opening of the Magic of Medicine exhibition at the Thackray Medical Museum (a project I helped advised on).
  • I’ve rediscovered geomancy via Les P Cross’ excellent talk at Tabula Mentis XIII.
  • I’ve been planning and booking events for the Magic Research Group’s 2013-2014 programme, watch this space on that one!  The Group’s Journal is still bubbling away just waiting on submissions and then we can get the first issue out.

But before all of that, on the 8th of June Stuart Nolan from Hex Induction will be running an Applied Magic Day Workshop for the Magic Research Group.  There’s a really great mix of people going it’s a great way to end this year’s work in performance magic research.

I’d like to blog at length about a lot of this work, in fact I will next time.  Or maybe I’ll just do a drive-by in about three month’s time…