Dear Blog,

It’s been 2 months since my last confession and time has flown.  Magical things are developing nicely (if rather slowly) at Taylor Towers.  I haven’t managed to get into the rehearsal studio for a few weeks (a combination of illness and busy-ness) but I’m hoping to remedy that soon.  Aside from that, I’m awaiting word on some exciting academic magic projects, but can’t really say anything yet.

Simply put, I seem to be working on magic wherever and whenever I can, but not as often as I’d like at the moment. My other work has encroached on my exploration of performance magic a lot more than I’d planned this year (note; I’m so institutionalised I’m speaking about academic years here).  I’m looking to better plan for these mad bursts of activity, and mark in some intensive practice where I can.  Everything crossed that this will work, but only time will time. 

However, I today I can only sit here in the North while my good friends head to Tabula Mentis XI …  If you’re going, have a good one!  I’ll be back soon!