After an awesome weekend at Horror Con 2015, we are proud to officially launch our (well Mr Punch’s) Cabinet of Curiosities.

The Murderous Mr. Punch invites you to join him for a very special viewing of his “Cabinet of Curiosity”, a collection of strange objects and the stories that go with them, from the less well travelled parts of the world. Several of the more gruesome finds will be on display for your entertainment.
Come and witness these extraordinary objects and learn about their history and provenance. See for yourself the well preserved body part carried by one of Europe’s best cat burglars, explore the secrets of the sea and discover that those tales the old sailors swear by may not be so silly after all. Come face to face with a beloved child’s toy that has seen so much of history but can never forget it. View the tools used to hunt supernatural creatures and other enthralling exhibits of cursed items, ominous artefacts and preserved oddities.
For those guests with a strong constitution you will be offered a chance to view one final, very special exhibit, but you do so at entirely your own risk.
Due to the nature of some of the exhibits it may not be suitable for those of a nervous disposition or who are easily offended. Entry for our younger guests is at parental discretion. If you are unsure please ask before entering.
Please like our Facebook page, and come and see us when we pitch up at Huddersfield’s Hallowe’en Happening!