On Thursday 30th October 6.00pm as part of the Magic Research Group’s Seminar Series I shall be giving a presentation on the performance séance.  I’ll be talking through some of my work looking at how we can apply narrative and ludic frameworks to performance magic.

Nik Presenting

I’ll focus on the performance practice of the paranormal entertainer and how the performer might create a visceral experience of the other within the performance space. I’m going to be borrowing ideas from the folklore notion of ostension and by examining the staging of collective delusion (a term I’m not entirely comfortable with at the moment) I will examine what happens when magic is performed as real within the framing of a séance.

These informal Research Seminars will be held at:
The University of Huddersfield
Division of Drama (Milton Building)
Queensgate, Huddersfield.

Admission free, all welcome (living or dead).