For the last couple of weeks I’ve been working in a studio. Working in a very different way to how I usually go at things. Just me and the empty space. Just me seeing what happens.

The Chair in the StudioOn the first day I started with no ideas; I took in a big sharpie marker and some flip-chart paper and waited. Ideas appeared unfettered by preplanning. I decided there needed to be a chair in the space. I even decided on some effects and (perhaps) a narrative, but at least a framework on which to base further exploration. Soon I started to play with some scripts (not mine … yet). Getting a sense of what I want to do in the space. What the ‘final’ piece might be.

I still have no idea what I might come up with. At the moment I’m just enjoying the studio space, the on-your-feet thinking space, the space to explore.

Look at me, I being an actor (performer) not a magician… 😉