For the next few months I’ll shall be mostly blogging about a research/teaching project that begins in earnest this September.  The performance event will be happening in early January.   I’ll put up my scribbles up here whenever I can.

This is how I put the project to the cast;

This will be a partially scripted, partially devised immersive/interactive performance based around ideas of the spooky, paranormal and strange.  We will start by looking at the techniques of traditional performance magic and move on to look at how these ideas have been used by bizarre magicians to instil a sense of the uncanny in an audience.  One of our concerns will be to ‘explore and generate a sense of mystery, [by] exploring performance styles that raise the question, “Is this real?” in the minds of the audience’.  Not everyone will need to perform magic, what is important here is creating the atmosphere for our victims audience.

Let’s see how we go …