I once again had the pleasure of joining Ashton Carter and Roger Curzon in an evening of performance at the Lawrence Batley Theatre’s annual Halloween Happening.  We spent the evening sharing bizarre magick, spooky happenings and experiments in divination with the strangely attired clientele.

For the most part, I chose to focus on exploring some work I’d been doing on Mechanisms of Empathy, most notably empathetic psychic reading as manifested in extra sensory response and automatic writing.  The results were remarkable.

In the first experiment the volunteer (X) was able to pick up positive vibrations from a randomised sample of five face-down cards; four blank, the other bearing the name of ‘someone who makes you happy or brings joy to you’.  In each case I facilitated another volunteer (Y) to read and guide responses from X and aid her in divining the correct card.  Although the time taken to sense the card varied, X was able to sense the presence of the named person correctly each time.

In the second experiment the roles were somewhat reversed with Y this time simply thinking of the name of a person ‘who makes you happy or brings joy to you’ and X reading their response through automatic writing.  To facilitate this Y placed their non-dominant hand upon the shoulder of X and with a pen in their dominant hand began to scribble, move or shape their pen response based on transmitted empathetic micro reactions.   Every pair scored a success here, being able to clearly find the name of the person they were thinking of amongst the shapes made on the paper.

Along with all of this I also got to try out some pendulum work, geomancy, tarot, and a strange reality twisting portal that I found in an old box in the attic.

A great night of paranormal entertainment!